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Web Dev & Design

These are most recent, more examples available by request.

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Rebrand, Design & Develop new site from scratch on Squarespace for Eggplant Technology and Software. Click here to scroll to view samples or click to view full site.

This is most recent, more examples available by request.

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Most people don’t know that there is a right and wrong way to post jobs. HR is constantly being tasked to do more with less, and as a result, internal HR job descriptions get posted as external job postings. Epic fail, causing loss of applicants and waste of dollars. Having the content Job Seekers are looking for, in the proper format, with the proper titles and key words for search optimization results in as much as 50% increases of qualified applicants. We reduce cost and/or manage the entire job posting process for you, FREE of charge. We are compensated by the job posting boards to act as your recruitment advertising agency.

Click here to view site


NopSec operates with one mission: to help people make better decisions to reduce security risks. Our team is passionate about building technology to help customers simplify their work, manage security vulnerability risks effectively, and empower them to make more informed decisions. Our software-as-a-service approach to vulnerability risk management offers an intelligent solution to dramatically reduce the turnaround time between identification of critical vulnerabilities and remediation.

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Axios is a Brooklyn based video production company that specializes in high quality and fresh content in producing videos for documentaries, well known musicians and commercials.

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Rebranded this wine for it to be distributed nationwide to Shoprites, liquor stores, restaurants and bars. 

Click here to see more about it and view the label ideas we had.

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We did everything for BALLZ GEAR. An athletic company with a twist on it's rugged name.

We designed their brand/logos, apparel (scroll down), various sports gear, promo stuff, commercial and website.

We also developed the brand story and marketing plan.

You will see lots of the materials throughout this site.

They are gearing up for launch this summer.

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