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Welcome to the new site!

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Proud to display all our services, recent work and information on our free trial period and more. Read more to see how we got here starting with a Silicon Valley acquisition shake up in 2010.

Founders - Monty & Me

Established 2011

A colleague and I launched in 2011 because the software company we worked for was aqcuired by TIBCO Software in 2010 and the climate was rocky. So we wanted to have a little extra security in case of the worst.

As a Creative Director I was unsure if the new company would have room for us.. I'm a glass is full type of guy but my colleague, lead developer, was pretty nervous for a good reason. The day it was announced we were acquired in 2010 - after work at a bar in Garden City, NY we agreed to build and launch 26twelve.

Needless to say we both went on to work for TIBCO for a very long time. In fact he is still there.

After working full time for many years and establishing a strong network of professionals and friends - I began receiving requests from former marketing colleagues who moved on and up in roles to CMO's, EVP's and marketing leads to help them build or rebrand their new companies.

Before long I had a few great clients and needed to seek some help.

I left TIBCO in December 2016 because 26Twelve was growing faster then I could keep up with and although it was a tough decision to give up the comfortable, secure and perk filled travel life of a big silicon valley tech company. So far it's been both a learning and rewarding experience.

I have built a steady team of super talented - hard working designers, developers and marketing professionals with an established network of contractors so I can scale to match any clients needs

So it was long overdue to launch a new site that displayed all our services and recent work. Please enjoy browsing and contact us if we can help with anything. Be sure to look into our free trial period.

I also think as we add to it our case study section will be interesting.


- Jeff Schlauch


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