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Boing Burger

Commercial Dining Franchiser, MF Dining Group is opening a new Drive Thru-Only burger spot based on a unique never seen before state of the art / mobile ordering system. His group needed a brand that had personality, spoke to it's economic menu, while maintaining a professional, clean, top-notch ingredients look and feel. As well as making it clear that it is drive-thru only. 

A new marketing effort is in progress to make the community aware of the new ordering system.  

With the soft opening happening right now, we needed to get all the materials branded in perfect harmony from Menus, to packaging to signage. 

Scroll down to view the image left to see some of the final product.


BOING Burgers make the quickest, freshest, most flavor-able, juiciest burgers while providing the most consistent, simple, interactive, fun-loving family friendly experience in the world. From the variety of menu items to cutting edge ordering systems, this Drive Thru Only quick serve restaurant truly focuses on and listens to our customers to deliver a unique "fast-food drive-thru" experience at excellent pricing to bring you "the best BOING for your buck!"  Building architecture to include creative lighting not typically found on corporate fast food buildings.

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