Web Design

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What’s different about 26Twelve? We do it all! Under one roof to deliver the most complete website design package available.

We have experts along every step of the way to design a truly successful website. What makes a first-class website? In our view, a great website must:

  • Be unique and creative so that people will remember it, refer it to others, and come back often.
  • Be beautiful.
  • Be easy to use.
  • Have only the most advanced and cleanest code possible.
  • Contain well written web copy to keep your audience interested and make it a pleasure to actually read your content.
  • Include original and professional photography.
  • Be found! Not just “SEO friendly” but truly optimized by our full service SEO department.
  • Deliver results. Whether you’re trying to make a sale, gain foot traffic, or simply increase brand visibility… whatever the case we know how to fulfill your objectives.
  • Have a full web presence. Use all the social media outlets to your full advantage.
  • Have a plan! We will get you going with a launch plan which includes email marketing set-up and training and optional pay-per-click set-up and training to see immediate visitors.

Read more about our web design process.