Why I Switched to Safari as My Main Web Development Browser

by Matt Montaruli on March 22, 2012

I’ve used Firefox for quite a few years as my main development browser and have found the Firebug plugin incredibly useful from the very beginning.

However, I have seen a stark difference in performance when using Chrome for casual browsing. Chrome is super-fast, and Firefox is super-slow.

I want a web development toolset similar to Firebug, but in a browser as fast as Chrome. Yes—I know Chrome has its own web developer toolset (and Firebug “Lite”), however I have never gotten used to it. Safari, on the other hand, fits the bill perfectly. It has a slick web developer tools interface and is also faster than Firefox.

Faster and Easier on RAM

I’ve found everything about Firefox to be too slow—slow to launch, slow to load, slow to start Firebug, everything. While I like the Firebug interface slightly more than Safari’s web developer tools, Safari just feels significantly less clunky.

Safari retains the more lightweight feel that I enjoy so much in Chrome, while still sporting a cleaner developer interface similar to Firebug.

Firefox is also quite a memory hog and always uses more RAM than Chrome or Safari. This quickly adds up when you factor in running several Adobe applications, Chrome (multiple tabs), TextMate, and a few other apps all at the same time.

Which web developer toolset do you use? Let us know in the comments below.