My Sublime Text Plugins and Setup

by Matt Montaruli on October 11, 2012

Seeing as Sublime Text 2 is the new, hip text editor, I figured I’d share my ST2 setup–plugins, settings and some useful links for customizing ST2 to your liking.

My Installed Sublime Text Plugins

  • Bracket Highlighter – allows for code folding and highlights complementary brackets
  • Clipboard History – Track your clipboard history right within Sublime Text.
  • CTags – A SublimeText plugin for CTags
  • Detect Syntax – a plugin that aids in detecting the syntax for a given file. Especially useful for templating.
  • Sidebar Enhancements – adds more features to the sidebar, such as adding new files, renaming files, auto-refresh and more.
  • Sublime CodeIntel – code autocomplete functionality
  • Tag – A useful plugin for front-end develpers. For HTML development, this provides shortcuts such as: Close tag on slash, AutoFormatting, Insert as Tag, Remove Tag Attributes, Tag Close as well as others.
  • Zen Coding – This is a fantastic plugin for front-end developers. This plugin allows you to write CSS selectors in an html file, hit a hotkey, and they will expand to html tags. Great productivity booster.

My User Settings

Most of my coding is in Ruby, CoffeeScript, Haml and SCSS, so these user settings have been tailored around these languages.

This article served as a starting point when putting these settings together.

Other Useful Links

A lot of the above settings and plugins I found in the articles below. These are great articles that provide a lot of useful information on customizing Sublime Text 2.

Have anything you’d like to share on your usage of Sublime Text 2? Let us know in the notes below.