The Power of Page Mode – Facebook Marketing: Retail, Services, Restaurants & Foot Traffic

by Jeff Schlauch on February 24, 2011

Just a quick note for those of you that may be involved with social media optimization (SMO) & marketing for any business that needs to increase customer foot traffic such as retail stores, services, or restaurants…

If you missed my last post… Facebook’s new page mode allows you to use Facebook as your page not as yourself using your page. So now your page can post on other pages walls, etc…

Using Facebook’s new page mode can provide an unbelievable boost in face book fans on your page as well as business partnerships and overall visibility.

For example, one of 26Twelve’s SEO clients Sweet Expressions Candy & Gift Shop has a growing following of around 133 people as of today on Facebook. Being that it is a small gift shop in a small New England town that is not too bad. We use exclusive in-store and facebook only promotions for their fans. One of the most successful is called the sweet tooth campaign which consists of a flyer to go along with each purchase that has a secret word on it. If the customer “likes” the page and sends in the secret word they get $5 off their next purchase of $10 or  more.

We also have exclusive offers like “come in between 2-4pm today to get a free cup of coffee” or “25% off christmas scents of Yankee Candle’s”.

We also post fun facts and information on new relevant products to keep up the interaction.

These types of promotions are highly interactive with their small fan base and have been effective. But until now they only reached the 133 fans of Sweet Expressions.

With Facebook’s new page mode you can now post on other businesses pages so all their fans can see. So now Sweet Expressions page is a fan of a popular local radio station.  The radio station, 105.5 JYY,  has over 4,500 fans. So if Sweet Expressions interacts with them… that’s prime time free exposure.

There is a huge event coming up in Hillsboro, New Hampshire where Sweet Expressions is located called the Hillsborough, New Hampshire Balloon Festival. Sweet Expressions can now promote deals to their 1,000 plus fans right before the event! This is big.

It won’t be long until people start to have lucrative business partnerships through Facebook. For example, if there is a florist close-by to Sweet Expressions, they could possibly promote on both pages to get a deal on flowers from the florists along with a card, candy, and gift from Sweet Expressions. The possibilities are endless.

Not only does this exponentially increase your chances of reeling in the foot traffic. It also will surely increase your local Facebook fan base so your future promotions will have a greater effect on your own fans.

So if you have a facebook fan page or are thinking of starting one, don’t forget about the new “Power Of Page Mode”.

Good Luck!