Huntington Social Restaurant/Gastropub Web Design Project

by Jeff Schlauch on April 20, 2011

Huntington Social Buzz Page

Being that I grew up on long island, and more specifically in Huntington, I have had some of my most memorable days and nights in Huntington Village with my oldest and closest friends. I’m really excited to have begun working with Chef Christopher Lee’s team of marketing and PR professionals to get this project underway. The “buzz” page is up and running while we work on creating a cool concept for the web design that will capture the ambiance that will be Huntington Social.

Huntington Social will be a gastropub and cocktail lounge featuring seasonal American fare in a setting that recalls Prohibition-era drink parlors.

For those of you who would like to support the project and get the latest news. Go to¬†Huntington Social to “join the club”.

Stay tuned for launch…