Matt Montaruli

Head Developer

26Twelve’s founder, Matt has over 11 years of experience in web design. He began creating websites at 12 years old and started his first web design business at 14. He hasn’t stopped designing and coding ever since.

Matt enjoys developing in HTML5, CSS3 and Ruby on Rails. He spends most of his free time with his fiancé and enjoys listening to Eminem, Jay-Z and Bob Marley.

Jeff Schlauch

Creative Marketing Director

26Twelve’s Creative Marketing Director has been involved in all aspects of marketing over the past ten years running programs in search engine strategies, social media, and various other forms of online marketing. But his passion for design led him to a position as the Creative Director of a software company in New York for the last 3 years. He also has experience working with high-power agencies and has directed the design and implementation of various corporate websites ranging from sales & marketing sites to more art-driven sites.

Jeff enjoys the process from the beginning sketches of a project to a thriving website, business, & brand. “I always design with the big picture in mind. It’s not just putting designs on a page… it is a complete strategy with one main objective. My work isn’t complete until everything adds up to produce a highly successful website that can be the driving force of a company.”

He spends his free time listening to music on the beach with great friends and is known for an occasional bongo session.