Email Marketing

Design emails that are welcome to any inbox. 26Twelve can help you harness the power of a properly planned, designed and executed email marketing campaign from lead generation to customer outreach and nurturing. See a high ROI using one of the most effective marketing tools of our generation.

26Twelve will help you develop a strategy to obtain a steady stream of opt-in subscribers to your website so that you know your e-mail marketing, whether a new product release, a hot deal, or maybe a corporate newsletter will be a welcoming sight to subscribers on your list. Receiving a warm response to all your efforts and never being named a spammer is so important, and we know just how to do it.

We will:

  • Implement a captivating natural list building strategy
  • Plan a short or long term email marketing strategy
  • Design branded email headers & templates
  • Make sure your email coding and design are compatible with the dozens of email applications
  • Create compelling subject lines to drive your open rate and avoid spam filters
  • Extensive testing with a/b campaign splits
  • Most importantly, measure your performance with full tracking & reporting

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