Demos, PowerPoints, Diagrams & Charts


Sometimes just a simple product demo can be exactly what your homepage or landing page needs for that exciting call to action to convert your visitor into a customer. We can customize a demo for you with no boundaries. Sometimes the job only calls for a flashy intro screen and a screen captured walk-through along with a voice over. Other times you may need some animated diagrams or charts and maybe some integrated video…we can do it all.

Powerpoints, Diagrams & Charts

26Twelve can quickly produce anything from a full custom corporate PowerPoint template and presentation with diagrams and charts that will make your presentation stand out from the rest to original statistical graphics, interactive information or product demos and more to spice up presentations.

A lot of times these are items that need extremely fast turnaround times so we have developed a nice simple process to collect the information and turn it into the captivating graphics that you need to make a lasting impression.

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