Our Process

26Twelve is not a studio that does a wide variety of things just okay. We offer only first class knowledge and talent in all the necessary fields to grow your business. We have individuals in charge of each one of our services departments who’s experience speaks for itself. So maybe you just need a landing page designed, possibly a print brochure or flyer, or simply a logo and some business cards. In any of these occasions you will get expert advice and materials in return as if you went to a shop with only one specialty.

What if you’re a start-up company or re-branding, in transition? That’s the stuff we live for! We take immense pride in understanding you as an individual first, then learn about your business vision, objectives and through very close communication can turn it into the successful endeavor that you are aiming for. We will assemble a team to take your input and develop a corporate identity and marketing plan from the first sketches of a logo, through the launch plan for your site, to boosting your SEO ranking on Google and maintaining your spot on top. Whether your business goal is foot traffic, online e-commerce sales, or website conversions, our team will get you to where you need to be.

Being that we can offer any option that you may need in a unique and customized highly flexible package, we like to understand your situation and build a thorough strategy with goals and objectives, then deliver real results that you can easily recognize through tracking and reporting.

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